• Senior In-Home personal training

    About half of the physical decline associated with ageing may be due to a lack of physical activity. Without regular exercise, people over the age of 50 years can experience a range of health problems. Contact us for a free in-home consultation and keep your independence.

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  • Testimonials

    Joel Haynes / Drummer on tour with Terra Lightfoot / Chris at Custom Fitness tailored a fitness program for me to use while I’m on tour. He’s made me a customized workout plan that I can do in the hotel room and substituting a towel instead of bringing my flex bands with me!

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  • Yoga

    Our next 6 week yoga session starts January 14th from 5:30 - 6:15 and 6:30 - 7:15pm. Contact us now to save your spot. Space is limited!

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  • Testimonials

    Robert Feltham / Identity Architect, Canadian School IT Resource, Identity Management for Canadian School Systems / Chris Boucher has an amazing dedication to people’s health and fitness, and is always prepared to do what ever it takes to have someone achieve their personal goals. A true innovator in the fitness world; always pushing the boundaries and looking for news ways to achieve the same results in less time. While at the same time looking at it from a holistic viewpoint, of body & mind. Truly a pleasure to have him kick my butt!

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  • Mobility and Core Fitness Class

    Our Mobility and Core class is designed to help you move better, through Stretching under Tension Including Core. Most classes are all about burning as many calories as possible. Our class is about recovering from those classes.

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  • Testimonials

    Paul Ziemer / Owner, Canadian Laser and Pain Therapy / I have worked with Chris for over a decade now. I send him my toughest patients who need special training programs that are both safe and on the leading edge of the medical fitness industry. Chris’s many certifications show his commitment to his profession and his passion for client success.

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In-Home Personal Fitness Training

Private or semi-private personal training in your home fitness room, or our private personal training studio. Workouts are based on movement, not muscle. Unless your muscle needs movement. Contact us for a complimentary session to get you started.

In-Home Personal Training

Private or with a friend you can train at our private fitness studio or in the comfort of your own home. Contact us now for your free consultation to see how we can help you.

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Burlington Boot Camp

You live in a 3-D environment. Why not train in one? Great workouts for any fitness level! You bring the energy, I'll bring everything else.Your first class is always free. Join now!

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Our yoga class is designed for the person who wants (or needs) more flexibility. And wants to gain strength without bulky muscles. Click to see when the next classes are

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Mobility and Core Fitness Class

In our Mobility and Core class, you’ll improve your range of motion, joint stability, and you’ll also increase your strength and flexibility, from head to toe. Join now for our 4 week package.

Join now and receive a 50% discount on our fitness boot camp class.

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