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Work the core without core exercises

How do I work my core without crunches, you ask?

When working your core, don’t just think crunches.  Your core does sooooo much more than that.  Working your core is easier than you might think.  Doing any exercise with only one dumbbell is placing a great deal of tension on your core.  When you lift up a weight on one side, your core on the other side needs to stabilize.  Think of doing a side plank the whole time you’re doing a single arm dumbbell squat or lunge movement.  Even when you’re doing a single arm dumbbell curl, your core fires to hold you still.

As you can see from the picture your core is quite a few muscles.  When you pull open a door, your posterior (muscles down your spine) core muscles fire to stop you from folding forward.  Just like when you throw a ball and rotate.  Your core is responsible for the rotation.  Try holding your little one on your side without your core firing.  Not going to happen…

When short on time try these basic moves: Push ups = planks, single arm dumbbell row = back extension and walking lunge with rotation over front leg= Russian twist.  So remember, there’s so much more to do than crunches.  There so, 90’s.

 side lateral with forward lungeside lateral with forward lunge  Side press Side Press  Here’s a couple of examples of the forward lunge (with side raise) and a side press with a huge core component.