Virtual Training

Online training is a BIG thing in the fitness industry nowadays. The problem with most online training programs is that there is no personal in personal training.

Our virtual personal training is live!!
(As in, I'm live online with you.  Not a video you follow along to).

I'll be right there with you, watching to make sure you're doing it correctly and most importantly, safely as well.

We don't just give you a program and take your money.

I  still do take your money, but it's for face to face training.
As with regular in-person sessions, I'll be demonstrating all the exercises according to your custom program.  And watching to make sure you're doing them correctly

Are you nursing an injury? Is your shoulder sore one day and your lower back the next?  We can adjust as we go, or set up a structured program.

Unlike a written program that was just emailed to you, we can modify right away and work on the issues at hand.

References available upon request.

Contact us now for a virtual consultation.

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