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Do you tabata?

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Do you tabata?

As a burlington personal trainer my clients know what Tabata means.  If you’re up on the latest and greatest, you’ll say yes too.  If you don’t know what Tabata means, you’ll be saying, Ta-what??

Tabata protocols are basically intense, short, (did I say intense) intervals.  If you’re a member of a fitness class, a gym that keeps up to date, or have a personal trainer (who, again, keeps up to date). Than you know exactly what it’s like doing an interval set.  But, do you know what it’s like to do the interval make popular by the japanese professor Izumi Tabata?

He conducted tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate high intensity training with high intensity interval training.

The results were that the athletes training in high intensity interval training improved their aerobic (cardio) systems as well as their anaerobic (muscular) system. The athletes who did the moderate high intensity training only improved their aerobic system and had little to no increase in their anaerobic system.

When training to get benefits from both systems you have to make sure that your intensity is up over 70%.  This can be 70% of heart rate max or one rep maximum, or what ever.  Just as long as you’re training above that 70%.  This is where the fast twitch muscles will start to come into play to become stronger.  Less that 70% and you’re more just working on your cardio system.  You’re just working hard enough.

The Tabata protocol is an early form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  Professor Tabata used it to get speed skaters in shape for the Olympics.  It involves short, four-minute bouts of explosive interval moves done for 20 seconds each for eight rounds, with a 10-second break between each round.  Now this isn’t to say that if you do a 30:10 or a 25:10 or even a 20:20, that you’re not going to get results.  As long as you’re above that 70% you’re good.

The Tabata Protocol is VERY intense as he tested.  The athletes trained at 170% of their VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in).  So without all the fancy gizmos and gadgets that the professor has, how the heck are you to know that you’re doing a real Tabata.  Basically, you can’t, but do you really need to?  No, not really.

If while doing your circuit you can honestly say you’re at an 8 or 9 out of 10 on a 1 – 10 scale, your good.  If you’re fluffing your way through at a 4 or 5, you’re still warming up and only getting a warm up benefit.

Now, if your still now sure what to do, I can help out.  Just go to my TnT Fitness Boot Camp site by clicking here.  You’ll be able to down load a great Tabata style workout that’ll only take you a total of 30 minutes from warm up to cool down.  The warm up and cool down are on you.  I’m giving you the workout.  If you’re not sure what to do for the warm up, just do a couple of the exercises at about a 5 or so to get you going.  Then cool down by doing a small set at about a 4.

Incase you missed it just go to my TnT Fitness Boot Camp site here.