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Is snacking hurting your goals?

Is snacking hurting your goals?

Snacks are a great way to keep those hunger pangs at bay.  The bad side of snacking, is the empty or hidden calories.
Greek yogurtContrary to what some may say, you won’t burn more calories by eating more times during the day.  So, snacking is fine to try and keep your energy levels up when dinner is still hours away, but you won’t burn more calories because your digestive system is constantly working.
The best snacks have protein and carbs combined, (yes, you can combine carbs and protein).
Try the ol’ favorite of (pea)nut butter and banana.  How about some fruit and cottage cheese or Greek yogurt?  The protein will keep you fuller longer and the carbs will give you energy. Combining protein with carbs will slow the digestion of the carbs.
The faster a carbohydrate gets absorbed, the faster your blood sugar goes up.  When your blood sugar spikes, your body will pump out insulin to help get rid of it.  The problem with this, is while you’re burning off the glucose, you’re not burning off fat. This is one reason why you shouldn’t eat just carbs all the time.
When you eat only carbs, your blood sugar will continue to stay up and your fat burning will stay down.  Your body will start to get used to that amount of insulin and eventually, you need more and more insulin to do the same job.

Once you reach a certain point, your body can no longer compensate, and type 2 diabetes is just around the corner. Here’s a list of possible snack ideas:

  1. Trail mix with raisins and nuts
  2. Sliced cucumber and cheese
  3. Energy bars that contain 4+g of protein and <5g of sugar
  4. Apple slices and nut butter
  5. Deli meat and grapes

This is just a small list to get you started.  I’m sure you can find some of your own. Send me a note to tell me what you snack on.Below, are some examples of 200 calorie snacks.  Some of the examples might surprise you.

Remember, you can have the high calorie snack, just watch your portions.Everyone is different, and so are your goals and how fast you want to reach them.  If you want to drop a dress size in a month, stay away from the food on the right.  If you want to just eat healthy, but also want some sweet stuff now and again, mix it up.
good vs. bad calorie example