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Should you eat, or not.

I was asked the other day about eating after a workout.   This can be a complicated question, and depending on who you ask, you could get many different answers.  The main thing you have to remember is  … to basically just eat.

There done…

Healthy mealOK, not quite done.  When you eat something and then exercise a couple of hours later, where is the food you just ate?  Chances are, the food you ate is still being digested, and that is also the food that will be absorbed first to replenish what you burned off during your workout.

If you eat something right after you exercise, it doesn’t get absorbed before the food you ate two hours ago.  Now, I hear you say that you were told to eat right after to put back all the energy you just burned off.  Well, what if I don’t want to put back that energy, because I’m trying to burn if off my belly?

Think of it this way.  Eat regular and add exercise to your day, if you’re trying to lose fat.  Add in some extra protein and good fats, if you’re trying to gain a bit of muscle.  You don’t want your blood sugar to get to low, but you also don’t want to have that 500 calorie shake if you only burned 300 calories in your workout.Workout shake

Make sure you have something before you exercise , just not something to heavy in your stomach.  Some yogurt and fruit, or nut butter and fruit is good, like a banana and peanut butter.  Even just a light dinner is better than nothing.  Just try to have some good fat and carbs to feed the workout.

There are so many tips and tricks that you can do before and after a workout.  But hey, lets keep it simple, eh?  Unless you’re going to try and pose on stage, don’t worry so much.  Just adopt a healthy living plan and go from there.   Just remember, a walk around the block isn’t going to  burn enough calories for that piece of cake!  Make sure the workout will burn enough calories to match your eating.