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STIC Fitness Class

Our STIC class is designed to help you move better, through Stretching under Tension Including Core.  You’ll enjoy better mobility, with a stronger connection to your body awareness.

Better mobility and body awareness can help with pain reduction and injury prevention, as well as helping with the recovery process.

Increase your recovery time after a round of golf, racquet sports, running and even everyday movements like gardening.  People in our STIC classes have enjoyed being able to, ‘shoulder check’ again, and to easily drop to one knee to tie their shoes.

And of course, everyone has heard of Isometric Training (Force without movement) … With this type of training, you’ll increase your mobility, balance and strength.

The bendable stick allows you to get a deeper stretch, than you can get on your own.  By increasing tension on one side of the joint, you’ll maximize mobility on the other and by activating certain muscle groups, you’ll increase your body awareness to build a better body.

Along with benefiting your mobility, you’ll also improve your grip strength, which also helps with shoulder strength and stability.  

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