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Seated Chair Massage Q & A

Here are some common questions about seated chair massage.

How much does chair massage cost?Seated Chair Massage

When coming into your company, chair massage will cost $65 per hour for a 3 hour minimum.  This will cover three massages per hour.  Each seated chair massage will take approximately 15 minutes with time to clean the chair in-between each client.

If you’re a client and training in my private studio, massages can be done during a session.

Are you a massage therapist?

No.  I’m a seated massage practitioner.  I only do relaxation massage.  If there is an issue with a shoulder injury or a “bad” lower back I would refer you to a therapist.

What do I wear during the massage?

Unlike table massage you keep your clothes on.  We would massage right through your clothes.  This is why we can go on-site to your work or home party.

Where do you perform the massages?

If you are having a personal training session with me, I would do them in my studio.  Or they can be done in your workplace.  I’ll be setting up at fairs, malls and other places that people would need to take a “Kneaded Escape”.

Will chair massage help with my headaches and shoulder tension?

If it does, it’s a bonus to being relaxed.  If you stop having headaches and your shoulder muscles are no longer tight it could mean that you were just so tense that you NEEDED to relax.  Having a chair (or table) massage will help you think of the massage and what’s happening during that moment.  Sometimes that’s all you need.

Can I claim the massage?

Sorry, unfortunately, no.  The chair massage is quite inexpensive even with not having coverage. 

How is chair massage different than other kinds of massage?

Chair massage removes all the barriers that prevent people from using massage. For the first time ever, massage has become accessible to the main stream public. It’s very exciting.

Would you do home parties?

If you’re having a get-together and would like to treat your friends, co-worker or customers to a relaxing chair massage, then , yes.  This can be for a wedding party, make-up party, book club, hair salon etc.

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