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Assess don’t Guess when it come to your golf fitness program.

TPI certified Golf Fitness Trainer

There are many of programs out there created specifically for golfers.  So if you think just being able to play the game is enough, you’re  wrong.  Who wants to live life with a shortened range of motion in your joints and muscles, lacking the energy for everyday activities, or not having the balance to stop yourself from falling? Any and all of these can be improved, along with the

quality of your life.  Even the most basic of  fitness routines that revolve around golf can carryover to everyday life activities.If you lack the rotation ability through your spine and can’t get follow-through, think how hard it  will be to reach around to the back seat of your car.  Or maybe you can’t get your arm up to get a good backswing, just like you can’t reach that top cupboard in your kitchen.  With our 12-point physical screen and personalized conditioning program, you’ll see excellent results in no time flat.  And you’ll feel better, too — on the course, at home, at work, everywhere.We’ll work together with your golf pro to make sure you’re constantly improving your game while improving your body by keeping it moving.

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