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Get fit with Burlington personal trainer, Chris Boucher.

Burlington in home personal trainer, Chris Boucher, from Custom Fitness will come to your house (in the Burlington and Waterdown area). Or you can train at our private training studio. Book now for your free in-home consultation.

In home personal training is superior to magazines and video programs because:

  • No one can see your form
  • Any muscular imbalances are not taken into consideration
  • Your age is never questioned
  • They don’t take your recovery in mind
  • They won’t adjust for any injury or health issue

With your personal trainer coming to you, you never have to worry about any of these. Here’s a few things that your personal trainer will take into consideration:

  • What’s your goal?  (Fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific, general maintenance, etc)
  • Current injuries that need to be of concern
  • What exercises can’t you do? (range of motion, injury, don’t like…)
  • What is your fitness routine experience?
  • Fitness regime you’re currently doing?
  • Equipment you have?
  • When and at what time can you exercise?

Burlington personal trainer private studioWith private or semi-private personal training in your home fitness room, or our private personal training studio.  All sessions are when you want to exercise, not when the gym equipment is free. You’ll exercise at your convenience and during the times that fit your schedule.

Over 28 years experience.

Benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer who has experience, maturity, and who truly understands that exercising is not just a hobby, but a necessity, in order to enjoy a long, healthy and productive life.

We offer a variety of training modalities, from KettleBells to Battling Ropes to Exercise Bands and Bulgarian Training Bags (and so much more). Even though this might seem overwhelming, your personal trainer will start you at an exercise level that is right for you. Training is time or repetition based depending on your goals. So, whether your goal is fat loss, muscle strength or just want to get into and stay in shape. Custom Fitness In Home Personal Fitness Training is for you.

Your decision to acquire a personal trainer is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Regular exercise is a major self-care strategy. A personal trainer will assist you with the design of your exercise program and establishment of realistic fitness goals. This can empower you to make lifestyle changes, which will enhance the quality of your life.Burlington personal trainer private studio

Your personal trainer will make sure that you appropriately exercise and reduce the potential for injury as a result of a lack of knowledge on how to effectively execute a specific exercise or use of equipment. You will gain tremendous confidence and your adherence to exercise can increase as a result of keeping your appointments with your Personal Trainer.

If you already exercise regularly, an personal trainer can help you refine and make appropriate changes to your existing training program. An personal trainer is committed to helping you make the most of your training program and to make sure that you have a complete exercise plan. Contact us for your complimentary consultation so we can get you started on your way to your health and fitness goals.

Remember to contact us for your complimentary fitness consultation.  Learning where to start will help get you started the right way.  If you’re still not 100% on what to expect from a personal trainer, I’ll come over and we can have a demo session.  I’ll go over some exercises with you, so you can see if having a personal trainer come to you, is right for you.  All complimentary of course.

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