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Do it in moderation.

Read this in moderation.  Just kidding, read the whole thing.

Picture this, (this is where the TV would get all fuzzy for a couple of seconds) … You’re sitting at a roadside patio on a nice hot summer day.  The heat is coming off the road like a desert mirage.  THIS, is the perfect day to have that ice cream you’ve been waiting all season for!

Ice cream in moderationYou order your cone (picture the flavour in your head), and think to yourself, I’ll only have a single scoop.  You only have the single scoop because you’re eating in moderation.  You can have anything in moderation, right?  The idea of having an ice cream is so good right now, people are copying you.  You notice this fellow sitting over there eating two scoops!!!  Is he eating too much, or is he eating in moderation as well?

I think the experts need to be more clear about what moderation is.

in moderation is a good idea
, as long as you know what amount is moderate for you.  I need around 2800 calories per day because of my lean tissue and activity level.  Jane, needs about 1000 less than me.  What is moderate for me, wont be moderate for her.  It also doesn’t give me a reason to overeat. 

Moderation goes well beyond just calorie eating.  What about cardio, stress and red meat?  I’m
sure there are more examples than that.  What is a moderate amount of exercise for a couch potato?  Or someone who does CrossFit every week.  What’s a moderate cardio amount for me compared to an avid runner?  30 minutes per day or 30 minutes per week?  

 I think you need to know what level you’re at now, compared to what level would be overdoing it, which will be different, compared to someone else.

 You need to know what your goals are and what it’ll take to reach your goals.  If losing 10 pounds is your goal, then staying at a moderate amount of exercise wont cut it.  Pick it up a bit to more than your “moderate”, and this is where you’ll get results.  If you’re accustomed to the level of exercise you’re at right now, and you don’t change it, neither will you. 

So, bottom line, change the level of whatever you’re doing now.  If you need to lose weight, get stronger or just make healthier choices, always work a bit hard than you are now.  I can help with any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to email me.  A simple email will help change more than you know.