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Do what you need to do, not what’s popular to meet your fitness goals

Are you doing what you need to do, or are you doing what’s popular to meet your fitness goals?

There are literally thousands of diets and exercise programs out there.  So, how can just one, be Health and fitness booksthe perfect one for everyone?.
I’ve been asked about certain programs and diets by my clients, and whether they are right for them.  My question (as you know, I normally answer with a question) to them is, “what are your goals?”  I know.  I’ve been over this before, but it is still a popular question.  I think it’s popular because there are some people who don’t like my original answer.

Suspension training with a TRX is a great intense workout.If you lose weight, but still stay strong, then that diet and/or exercise program worked for you.  If you lose weight but also lose muscle, then it’s not working for you.  Why would you ever sacrifice your muscle to lose fat?  You need to hold on to that lean tissue!


If you’re doing a program (eating or exercise) and you hit a plateau, change it up.

Schedule your workouts like an appointment.  If someone wants to go out for dinner, but you have a workout planned, say no, or move the dinner to later.  If you really want to go out, do a shorter workout, and then do another one tomorrow.  Every little bit counts.  Remember that whatever you do takes you closer to, or further away from your goals.

Adding a bit everyday helps in the long run.  I went to visit a neighbour who lives about four blocks away, so I took my bike.  I could have driven my car, (I had to walk past my car to get to my bike), but I didn’t.  Little changes make big results.

Try to listen to your body and learn what works for you.  Because there are so many workout systems, you can drive yourself crazy finding what works for you, but stay open to change.  Try a workout that appeals to you and is achievable, and go from there.  If you don’t like the intensity of a CrossFit workout, try a less intense version.  If you want to try a yoga class, start with a beginner class.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals?  Maybe its adding a little bit of intensity to a workout, or not sneaking from the candy dish at work.  Remember … Whatever you do brings you closer to, or further away from your goals.  Make the right choices.

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