Chair Massage Q & A

Common questions I've come across

Are you a therapist?

No. I’m a seated massage practitioner. I only do relaxation massage. If there is an issue with a shoulder injury or a “bad” lower back I would refer you to a therapist.  Chair massage is for relaxation purposes.

What do I wear during the massage? 

Unlike table massage you keep your clothes on. We would massage right through your clothes. This is why we can go on-site to your work or home party.  Light clothing is best, but not necessary.

Where do you perform the massages?

The chair massage can be done in your workplace, home or even our private studio.  Any place where you need to take a “Kneaded Escape”.

How is this different than table massage?

Chair massage is great for a quick energy boost.  Chair massage also mainly covers only the upper body and arms.