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Holiday weight gain from drinking.

Watch that holiday weight gain from drinking.

Watching your weight over the holidays is more complicated than you think, especially if you are drinking calorie-laden holiday inspired drinks.
If you’re one of the 37% of Canadians who are concerned about your weight, you should pay close attention to what you drink this holiday season, otherwise, you might be one of the 1/3 of Holiday weight gainCanadians, who will actually gain 1-9 pounds over the Christmas holidays!
Molson Canadian “67”, asked 500 men and women if they were concerned with their weight over the holidays.  9% of women and 10% of men said they are very concerned with putting on weight.
Holiday weight gain is not just from fancy food, it’s also from the drinks that accompany the food!  Rum and eggnog brings around 450 calories to the table.  That’s only for an 8oz cup!!!  A peppermint Mocha from Starbuck’s will give you 470 calories and 22 grams of fat and a Pumpkin Spice Latte is around 410 calories.
Since your body doesn’t really notice all the calories in liquid form, you’ll not feel full until you eat your dinner with it.  So, after sitting down and eating a whole days worth of calories, (and then some), of food and drink, do you fast the next day?  I didn’t think so.
So, just remember to not repeat this scenario too often, as it’s the total calories at the end of the week that’s important.  Try to eat as healthy as you can for two days before doing that again.
Some lower calorie drinks that wont break the button on your pants are…
                Vodka Cranberry cocktail – about 170 calories
                Apple Cider Sangria
                The Ginger Snap
                Red Wine Hot Chocolate – Check these out here