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Holiday eating tips for weight managment

Watch those extra calories with these10 holiday eating tips for weight management.

1. Eat Before Celebrating
Skipping breakfast and/or lunch in order to “save your appetite” for Christmas dinner and other treats probably isn’t the best weight-maintenance tactic.  Breaking the fast in the afternoon may lead to bing
e-eating later on .  Make sure to stick to a reasonably sized breakfast with plenty of protein, which will help tone down the urge to stuff your face at a party later on in the day.

Holiday eating tips for weight managment2. Chew Slowly
Eating slowly may not be easy when appetizer options are endless
, but it pays off to pace chewing. When you take smaller bites, it’s easier to finish that bite so you won’t have to talk with food in your mouth.

3. Choose wisely
Choose more on the side of protein and veggies
when filling up your plate.

4. Fill Up on Fibre
Choose more of the veggies as an appetizer.  The extra belly filling fibre will help keep you fuller, before filling up on dinner.

5. Ditch Added Sugar
Keep the added sugar of cakes and cookies off your plate.  The added empty calories wont fill you up.  Before long you’ve just eaten 500 calories of nothing and you’re still hungry when dinner is put on the table.

6. Just Say No
You might have that thought of hurting someone’s feelings by saying “no” to eating something.  But
you could say that eating ________ has given you an upset stomach in the past, so you’d like to stay away from thatyou should be OK.

7. Wait Before Grabbing Seconds
It takes about 20 minutes for the full signal to reach your brain, so go slow.  Take a few minutes talking to someone, or just listen to all the different conversations going on.  You might be full and not even know it.  If you feel pressured to keep eating, start sna
cking on the veggies.

Holiday eating tips for weight managment8. Turn the other cheek
If you’re sitting to close to the food, move.  If sitting within arms reach of food you shouldn’t be eating, move further away.  Without having that within arms reach will save you hundreds of empty calories later.

9. Beware of Booze
Not only does alcohol add unnecessary calories to your diet (meaning we don’t need alcoholic calories to survive), but getting boozy has another effect on us, too. Drinking too much champagne, eggnog, wine and beer
, can make us lose our inhibitions around food and start eating irresponsibly. Take it easy with the bubbly before you start saying things like, “Eh, what’s one more cookie?”

10. Sip Before (and During) Meal Time
Stay away from refilling that sinking glass to
o soon.  Alcohol has a lot of empty calories that sneak up on you while drinking.  As you invest those 7 calories per gram you also start to have less inhibitions on eating “just one more cookie”.  If your body senses the calories, but doesn’t have anything to digest, you’ll stay hungry for more solid food … which might turn out to be that “one more cookie”.