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Flippin’ Good Exercise Book

Get your Flippin Good Exercise Book today.

The premise of Flippin’ Good Exercise Book, is to teach you that it’s important to use your muscle to improve your body’s ability to use fat for energy and continue to burn fat at rest.

The Flippin’ Good Exercise Book will show you the power of the four exercise quadrants; push, pull, cardio and legs.  As you work through the quadrants,  you’ll tax your pushing muscles, then your cardio system.  Next, the tension moves to your pulling muscles and finally you work those legs!

This is the secret, (it’s not a real secret so you can tell other people), to the fat burning benefits of this Flippin’Good Exercise Book.

By following the advice laid out for you in our Flippin’ Good Exercise Book, you’ll be able to take yourself to the next level.  You’ll tear down any fitness plateaus that have been leaving you stagnant and you’ll feel better physically and emotionally; what a boost to your self-confidence!

This Flippin’ Good Exercise Book is full of great exercises to combine and make thousands of different metabolic circuits that will send your fat-burning abilities through the roof!  Each circuit is designed by you, for you!

When metabolic resistance training is done right, you’ll increase your metabolism up to two times your resting rate.

Remember, exercising within your, “comfort zone”, will never allow you to progress!  Always try to “kick it up a notch” and challenge your body!  If you can talk as if you’re having a regular conversation, it’s to easy.  You should have to catch your breath every couple of sentences.

Go get your copy and start up that metabolic fire!