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Fat burning using weights

More muscles = more calories burned = more fat loss

As most of you know, I only jog for three reasons.  1) Jane wants me to join her, 2) I’m with a client and 3) the police are chasing me.

I will however do sprint intervals and circuit training.  I don’t have anything against jogging if a client wants to include it in their program … It just has to be done for the right reason.  When I see people on the road “running”, I’m hoping that they are training for a long distance race and not trying to get the most out of their fat loss goals from jogging.

Again, I am not against running, if you’re doing if for the right reason.  If we look at how your body uses energy, jogging at a slow pace will use less energy (calories) but more fat (percentage wise).   Here’s a chart for you from my book (www.FlippinGoodBook.com).

Calories in fat burning zone

Fat calories are higher in the cardio zone (above 70% intensity), than the fat loss zone (50% intensity).  The amount of fat percentage is higher, but the amount of calories used, is greater at a higher HR.  For anyone with a goal of losing weight, calorie loss is what you should be looking at, and not how many fat calories you use on that exercise.

With that said, if you’re wanting to increase your cardio and burn off as much fat as possible, you should do resistance training in some form of circuit.  This can be the ever popular Tabata style (20 sec of work with 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds), or 30:10, 60:30 … It doesn’t matter what time frame you use, just work to your max and keep going!

Circuit training has been around for more than 30 years.  What you can do within a circuit has progressed over the years … body weight, kettle bells, cardio and weights, or bands, to name a few.  Once you have your equipment, you can superset muscles, tri-set, giant-set, work opposing muscles, pre-fatigue, jump rope, etc…

The list is almost endless.  As long as you keep your HR up in the range of (70-80% HRM).  I did a circuit workout for 30 minutes one day and I did a treadmill run for 30 minutes for my next workout.  I made sure I kept my HR the same on both days.  It took me longer to recover from the circuit training than the run.  You have to remember, that having your HR at 150 BPM for 30 minutes on a treadmill is only taxing your leg muscles.  Doing a circuit for 30 minutes will work your whole body a couple of times.

The next time you’re at the gym or at home, try this … Pop open my book (oh, if you don’t have one, call me and I’ll hook you up.  www.flippinGoodBook.com), do all 4 exercises in a row, 3 times.  Remember, you have to push yourself.  If you finish and you’re thinking that the exercises aren’t hard enough, you’re wrong.  The exercises are fine … You need to go the extra distance and push yourself.  For those few that don’t have a copy of my book, here’s what you do.  Pick an exercise that you push (push up), then a leg exercise (squat/lunge), then go to a pulling one (row), and finish with a fast moving one (jumping jacks, jump rope).  Do each one for 30 seconds, twice.

This type of routine will give you faster fat burning results than any long slow jogging program.

Come on out and give one of my classes a try.  You’ll find that with proper instruction, you’ll know how to push yourself to your max and be able to mimic it when on your own.  Even though you’ll still want to come back for more.  🙂

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Thank you.