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When does this exercise get easier?

I hear this all the time…Why doesn’t this get any easier?

Surprise.  If you’re asking this, it just did.  When you exercise, you get stronger and more fit, right?   Right, but if you use exercise bands, throw medicine balls and other sand filled equipment , it can be hard to measure how much stronger  you’ve become  and you might feel like the workout never gets any easier!

Here’s why it never gets easier…

When you get stronger, your body will naturally work at the intensity that you’re used to. If you pick up and throw the 20lb Bulgarian training bag, and it goes 5 feet.  Great!  After a month or so when the bag goes 6 feet, you’ve improved 20%.

That’s a HUGE improvement.

The problem is, you don’t see it.  All you see is the bag going as far as you can throw.  The intensity is the same, but the distance is farther.  If I had you throw the bag 5 feet all the time, you’d only get strong enough to throw it 5 feet.  No extra effort is needed, so you never get any stronger.

Say I had you throw it as far as you could for one month.   Now, after a month I told you to only throw it 5 feet, you’d laugh and wonder why only there?  Even though this was the max you could throw one month before.  If every variable is the same, but the bag goes farther, it must be your strength that improved right?

Another example … if you’re doing the stairs at work  … Try this.  Check your pulse at the bottom of the staircase, time yourself going up, then take your pulse again.  You can even take your pulse 60 seconds after to check for your recovery as well.

Do the stairs for a month or so, then do the test again.

Here’s a couple of ways you can see if you’re in better shape.  If the time and stairs are the same, your heart rate should be slower.  Meaning that it wasn’t as much of an effort for the same amount of time.   If your HR is the same but the time was less,  you worked harder (getting there faster), but it wasn’t any harder for you.

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