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Don’t give up, change it up!

Eavesdropping is not something I like to do, but as I said before… When it comes to fitness conversations, my ears perk right up.

As a couple of women were drinking their Iced mocha crapacchino (not a real drink, but still a $5 Custom Fitness weight loss programcup of coffee flavoured ice water) I overheard them talking about how their diets weren’t working for them and they should just quit.  If the drink of choice was that drink, it’s no wonder their eating plan wasn’t working.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of diets out there.  I don’t think they tried them all.  If something doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, just change it up.  If it was that hard to eat sensibly everyone would be overweight.  Try a healthy eating plan (not a diet) and your body will thank you for it.  Your weight might not come off at 20lbs per month, but it’ll stay off longer than if you crash dieted.

Remember that after you lose weight (muscle, water and fat) on whatever popular diet you’re on. The weight you gain back (and most times it does come back) will be water and fat.  The lean muscle you lost during the diet will not come back unless you’re resistance training.  Whatever lean tissue you lost is sexy calorie burning muscle.  Now your metabolism is also slower because you no longer have that muscle burning fuel.

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Weight loss and Health booksJust take note of what you’re doing and see what you can change to make it better.  There has to be a reason for whatever you’re doing to not be working.  Write down what you’re eating for a week and go over it with someone (like me).  Just make sure that someone isn’t a friend that thinks veggie sticks (the dried ones in the chip bag) are a health food.

See how many minutes you’re exercising per week.  Remember that stairs, walking, gardening, and night time walks count as well.  Maybe bump up the exercise quotient a bit.  If you live in a building, get off a few floor below yours.  Try doing 10 squats every time you go to the bathroom.  Just before sitting on your couch or chair at night, hover just above it for 30 – 60 seconds.  All this extra N.E.A.T will help burn off a few extra calories without taking up to much of your time.

So… bottom line is, don’t give up, change it up!

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