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Don’t be a fail

I don’t know about you, but I love watching “FAIL” compilations on YouTube.  Many of them are exercise related, (of course), and it doesn’t matter what type of exercise, they’re just funny to watch.  I just love the physical humour.  But as I always say in my classes, “Be safe”.  Remember, it’s fun to watch exercise “FAILS” on YouTube, but its NOT fun to actually do them.

Please be careful with any exercise regimen.  If it’s a difficult weight, or some type of movement that takes years to master … Be safe and Go slow!!

As I’m watching these “FAIL”  videos, I start to flash back … Don’t worry I’m sitting down … and I remember seeing this guy getting ready to do some squats at the gym.  As I’m watching, I’m not sure if what I see is a reflection or the real thing.  Turns out it was the real thing!  This guy had on 4 plates and was about to squat.  (FYI: 4 x 45 lb plates on each side of the bar is 405 pounds).  I saw the number of plates and started to head over to him as quickly as I could. 

Why did I move so fast you ask?  Number one, he didn’t have a spotter, and number two, I knew he couldn’t do it.  Just as I got to the rack, he dropped like a stone. 

Luckily he had the catch bars at the right height.  It was loud and rang through the club, but at least only his ego was hurt.  I helped him put the plates away and off to the locker room he went. 

Please be safe, make sure you know what you are doing and more importantly, know that you can do it.   Let’s not see you in one of those “FAIL compilation” videos!

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