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Cardio machine calorie counters are WRONG!

Cardio machine calorie counters are WRONG!

Ok, how many times have you gone to a cardio machine to burn max calories?  How about every time you get on one, am I right?!?!

Well, I’m here to tell you to not believe the hype!!!  The counters are wrong.  Unless you’re an average 150 pound male with no muscle.  The machines are calibrated for a certain size.  Probably the size of the first person to put the calorie count in the machine.

You should either check the manual, look up how many calories someone of your sex, size and athletic ability would burn.  Or just say the heck with it and us that number as a baseline.  The baseline thing is best.

Every time you change something on the treadmill (any equipment will do) you change the results.  Some treadmills wont measure a different calorie cost when you increase the incline, some do.  The faster you go the more calories you burn.  Unless you’re a seasoned runner comparing yourself to a beginner.  The beginner will always burn more calories.  The more efficient you get at something, the less calories you burn.

That’s one of the bad things about being good at something.Calorie count on a treadmill is wrong

Basically, just change up what you’re doing so you don’t get used to it.  This is why I never do the same class twice.  Some of the exercises will be the same, but not the order.  And definitely not the whole class.

Use the calorie counter number as a baseline and see if you can increase that number in the same amount of time.  If you can increase the speed/incline or both and you still finish in the same amount of time… congratulations, you’re getting in better shape.

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