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6 fat loss tips everyone should be doing.

Everyone knows what it takes to lose weight, right?  As you read what’s needed to be done, you think it sounds easy.  As time goes on, you might not be as attentive to what you need to
be doing.  You might need that slight kick to your backside to keep you on track.Butt kick from Custom Fitness
Here’s a list of 6 things that you can do to help get you to and keep you on track to your goals.
When you’re done ready, send me a note to tell me what you’re doing to stay on track to your goals.  I’d love to hear how you’re doing.


6 Tips For faster Fat Loss

  1. Stand as much as possible. For starters, standing burns 1.5x more calories per minute than sitting.  It might not sound like much, but calculate that for a whole day or a whole week.  Most of us are in the sitting position for up to 22 hours per day.  Switch it up.  You’ll burn more calories and help stretch out those tight lower back and hip muscles.
  2. Reduce sugar.  As soon as you take in any type of sugar, your blood sugar will start to rise.  When this happens, insulin gets released and your body will slow your fat burning, to use up the glucose in your system first.  Keep your blood sugar low by combining sugary foods with protein or fat.  (Or try to eliminate as much added sugar as possible).  Check out our web site for a list of the types of sugar.
  3. Reduce processed foods.  Just check out the ingredient list on the packages of some foods.  If you can’t pronounce it, should you be eating it?  If you are eating a processed food, does it have more than 5 ingredients?  The lower the ingredients, the better.
  4. Having a great support system.    I know this won’t directly help you lose those extra pounds, but try to have your goals in-line with someone who is supportive.  Knowing someone is there for you, to help and motivate you, is great.  If your friends are negative about you losing (or trying to) lose weight, maybe take a break from them.  I’m not saying to get rid of your friends, but if they aren’t helping you, they’re hurting your success.
  5. Exercise more.  Or for some … Start exercising!  Exercise will increase your metabolic rate, which can lead to a greater weight loss.  Exercise will help metabolize the food that you take in, faster.  Keeping your joints moving and heart pumping will help you live a long and energetic life.  Poor eating and no exercise will greatly reduce your quality of life.
  6. Stay in the positive.  When thinking of why you want to lose the fat, try staying in the positive.  Instead of thinking, “I have to eat less processed foods”, try “I’m going to eat more healthy foods”.  It’s basically the same thing, but more is positive, and less is more of a negative term.  Try this just for fun … Pay attention to what people are saying around you.  Not that you don’t do that anyway, but pay attention to the negativity in the words.  Often, people will complain about something, and then someone will try to outdo them.  For one day, only say something positive about a situation.  If a negative thought comes to mind, stop and switch it to a positive.  Or don’t say anything at all.
Healthy weight loss tips from Custom FitnessI know that last one is a stretch for being a fat loss tip, but without being positive, your goals will be further and further away.
You might have known all these tips, but are you using them?  Sometimes having them put in front of you will be what gets you moving back in the right direction.  Everyone strays from their goals once in a while.  It’s getting back on track that will help you get there!